IAB runs entirely on people like you, who volunteer their time!

At IAB, you can volunteer in different ways:

  • Becoming a Volunteer at IAB Events

You could donate your time in organizing, and holding IAB events such as: Wednesday Luncheon Party, Poetry Nights, Lectures, Charshanbe Soori, Nowruz, Yalda, Mehregan, Sizdah Bedar, Summer Picnic.

  • Holding Events

Do you have an expertise and would like to share with the community in the forms of talks, workshops, etc? Please reach out. We always welcome ideas for new programs and activities that support our mission.

  • Teaching Classes

Do you have a talent and like to teach others? IAB welcomes volunteers with a passion to teach others and has been a place for teaching: Dance, Cooking, Yoga, Music, Farsi classes, English classes, Theater, Singing, Backgammon, Chess, and more.

To join us as a volunteer, please fill out the form bellow.
We will contact you upon processing your request!