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Board Election 2018

IAB Council Change 2018

Dear IAB Members,

The Election Committee of IAB was informed that one of the council  members, Ms. Sara Ansari, resigned from her seat at the  council due to hre busy schedule. According  to the IAB bylaws, the first alternate elected candidate, Mr. Saeed  Shafiyan Rad, will replace her seat and become a council member.


IAB Election Committee

IAB Council Election Result 2018


Dear IAB Members,

Based on the IAB by-laws and procedures, once a year IAB members cast their votes for the important IAB council elections. The current number of council (Shora) consists of 7 members. In the election of this year, six candidates were competing for two vacant positions in the council. The IAB election committee mailed the election packages containing the ballots with the instruction to the members and received the mailed ballots before the deadline on August 30, 2018. The total number of received ballots was 96 and 2 of them were disqualified. Therefore, 94 ballots were opened and the votes were counted in the special meeting of members at Khaneh Iran on Thursday August 30, 2018 at 7:30 PM. The election result is as follows:

1. Mahnaz Zeinali (83 votes) *

2. Sara Ansari (61 votes) *

3. Jamshid Latifpour (59 votes) *

4. Ali Karimi (55 votes) *

5. Saeed Shafiyan Rad (54 votes)

6. Reza Kheradmand (35 votes)

Thus, the four new elected members (*) will join the three current council members to form the new council (Shora) for the term 2018-2019. The non-elected candidates will remain as alternate candidate (Alalbadal) until the next year election.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the new elected council members and wish them success in serving our community. We also thank the alternate candidates and ask them to assist the new council with their valuable expertise.


IAB Election Committee

Nayer Nikpour, Manijeh Ghavami-Zarghamee, Morteza Tayarani, Shervin Talebi, and Bahram Shafai 




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